by Lion Fights Tiger

Living in the shadow of a towering fear
The threat looms daily and the motive’s unclear
With validity lacking and calls to "bring 'em on"
These times try our souls and the worst may be yet to come.
There’s so much misdirection of what it means to be free
Both conflicting factions seem blind with zealotry
With us or against us, we’ll designate our enemies
Unloading shock and awe
And 50,000 casualties.
"Might makes right" is the command of this fight
It’s the will to pre-emptively provoke and incite
But now solutions seem scant and we’re lost in dismay
At how quick they pull the trigger and how we’ll pay for their mistakes, like:
The lies that were told
The truth they hid
The crimes committed
And the damage they did
The facts ignored
The twisting of the law
The suffering they caused
And the cost of it all
The privilege they’ve used,
The public trust abused,
Our strength diffused
And the innocents accused
I plead for a reinstatement of rationality,
Open appraisal and common decency.
A greater disgrace this republic’s rarely seen
Arrogant, secretive, reckless and naive
Now the dangers we’re confronting have been greatly increased
Thanks to the hubris of an obstinate elite.
If they’ve aided our assailants with a turn toward tyranny
The only solace is the unforgiving judgement of history
Condemning those guilty in perpetuity
But that’s little consolation
To 50,000 casualties.

= = =
(2007 © Jon Resh)